Sunday, August 7, 2016


You guys seem to like my opinion on cards, so lets do this again.

Today we'll start looking through the cards by class, so lets start with huntard:

(also this is my third time writing this because blogger was being  stupid and not publishing my work, so I apologize if it's a little under par)

Not much to say here. Good 4/3 stat line and gives some resistance to board clear.Slightly worse vs rouge/druid/mage but definitely balanced and playable.

Clearly not for midrange or aggro hunter, on turn 3 you usually want to play a beast to use Houndmaster on turn 4 plus hunter has almost 0 card draw mechanic. Probably best in Yogg and Load.

Well, with Freezing Trap, Explosive Trap, Snake Trap, Bear Trap and this one, Hunter has enough good secrets to run a mix of them instead of running just one pair of one secret as usual. This diversity will make each of those secrets stronger just because the surprise factor. I mean, yeah, Freezing Trap is strong, but when your opponent knows exactly that the secret you are paying is that one, it becomes weaker because it's easier to play around that. Now, new hunter cards like Cat Trick and Cloaked Huntress make that secret diversity much more viable, making all of them individually stronger.

Dear god please work and thanks for reading.

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