Friday, August 12, 2016

Thoughts on Legion invasions

So demon invasions have been out for a few days and I have been enjoying every single one I can get to. Here are a few of my thoughts: 

Just throwing it out there, I am a roleplayer and PVP addict so the raid like bosses(particularly the last demon lord of each event) are no where close to my comfort zone and I tend to die a lot during these, so fair warning. 

As a quick rundown:The first stage of the scenario is essentially killing a bunch of trash mobs in a random one of 6 zones, the second killing essentially 3 dungeon/mini bosses. The third is a bit more complicated. Several locations spawn throughout the zone that include trash mobs, mini bosses etc. After all those are defeated then a legion commander raid boss that everyone groups up and kills and happy happy fun times ahead. 

And then another opens up a few hours later so on and so fourth. The rewards are a little lack luster but overall cover a large majority of players (raid gear, transmog and battle pet). The only thing missing is a mount which is a little disappointing, but i'd rather they put that time into actual legion content rather than a crappy mount in the prelaunch event.

Now i've been told the demonic whispers event(the thing where players turn into demons) is implamented, but I have yet to see it actually happen. 

The last thing of note here is that these invasions will increase in frequency as legion draws closer. So yea, demons.

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