Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Fair warning before I start talking: I am a Alliance player, period stop the end. I'm aware the Horde version of the Broken Shore tells a very different story, but being honest I can't bring myself to play it. 

Now then, let's do a quick recap of what happened:
  • Genn/Janna launched a third force onto the Broken Shore with the players
  • After chopping throught demons, they meet up with Malfurion, Varian, Tyrande and the rest of the crew
  • Continues the chopping of demons
  • The group finds Gul'dan holding Fordring over a pit of fel......stuff(Wait what is all that green goo anyway?) 
  • Gul'dan summons a demon lord thing that promptly fries Fordring and the forces of the Alliance and Horde promptly battle the demon and slay it
  • After a push farther and a chase to Gul'dan the Alliance make an all out stand against the demons Gul'dan continues to summon. 

  • Sylvanas calls a retreat, leaving the Alliance exsposed

    • Eventually, their lines break and Varian calls for a retreat via gunship
    • Varian sacrifices himself to kill a massive demon/infernal thing that Gul'dan summoned

    Now you can sum up my feelings on this as about the same as Genn. I'm pissed, angry and want fucking vengeance(so much in fact I actually made a pug and killed Sylvanas in Undercity. Helped get some of the anger out). Overall the event told a very good story(I've heard stories of people literally crying during it) and. It's amazing seeing some of the lesser seen leaders like Gelbin and Genn will always be my favorite leader(If they kill him SOMEBODY IS GONNA DIE). The entire thing is almost entirly voice acted similar to the demon hunter starting zone(more on that in a separate article) and while it's definitely a casual scenario there was still some ok difficulty in there even for those who play for the story. 

    Some final thoughts:
    fuck gul'dan
    fuck the Horde
    FUCK the legion 

    Ah, that was good to get out.  Sorry to all my Horde readers(i'm actually being half sorry this time) and I look forward to what legion has in store.

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