Monday, August 1, 2016

Thank you guys so much.

So we just hit 1000 page views and I could not be any more grateful. When I created this blog about a year ago it was for a school project. Now it it's my passion and lively hood. I'm living the dream I've had since I was a child and it's you guys who made all of this possible.

Another shout out to Inquisitor Aura and Serendeth. I've never told you this, but I would have never seen this blog past 300 views if I had never seen how hard you two work. I could never ask for better coworkers or friends :).

Now to something a bit more major. As you may have noticed of late, the ads on my blog have stopped showing up. This is because I have terminated my contract with Google Adsense. I did this for several reasons, first and foremost that if I want to promote something I want it to be a PARTNERSHIP and having big brother Google looming over my shoulder just wasn't cutting it. Secondly I didn't like the look it gave. It was giving off the impression I was a money gruber doing this for easy cash. That being said, the pay didn't make up for either of these. To put into perspective, I do about 2-3 hours of research on standalone articles(like the league rp introduction) and maybe about and hour to half an hour of actual writing. As pay for that, on a good month I was earning ~1.30. So you can understand why I decided to drop out. Now to make up for this I will have to do promotion deals every now and then. I will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS clearly disclose this at the beginning of the article. I won't sponsor shifty services like boosting and will try to keep it to services id actually use. I'll also make sure I never do two in a row just to make sure things don't go stale.

So that's a quick rundown  make sur to check out aura and Serendeth if you havnt already!

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