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Blizzard has mad it very clear that they want to encourage a "play your way" style to Legion. so here is a quick rundown on the different activities available to you.

Raiding+Dungeons: We currently know of three introductory raids(The Emerald Nightmare. Suramar Palace and night hold) as well as 9 dungeon (Such as the Eye of Azshara). 
As for game play, Blizzard has said "We want to keep the over all feel and play style of WoD but put the raids themselves in more interesting locations." 

On top of that, they have also said they want to make Dungeons more than a steeping stone into raiding. They are doing this by giving more progression to dungeons, mainly via artifact power.

PvP: Blizzard is completely revamping the PvP system. 
Firstly, honor system is completely gone(don't worry, you'll get paid for the honor you already have)

Gear is being made almost useless, as all stats will be normalized when you enter the battleground. This means that everyone has a roughly equal shot in winning the battleground/skirmish/arena. The only exception is some minor enchantments or artifact weapon augments will give you tiny boosts, however; Blizzard has said this is something they are being very weary of and would not be afraid to remove in a heartbeat. 

Probably the largest change is the pvp leveling system. 
Now when you complete Arenas/Battlegrounds/Ashran objectives, you will earn XP towards your pvp level. Leveling this up gives access to new abilities only usable in pvp zones. Once you reach max level(50), you can prestige yourself back to level 1 to earn cosmetics. 

World quests: Blizzard is completely overhauling the daily quest system from MOP. 

They have done their best to remove the "shopping list" feeling from MOP by adding in WAY more quests that cycle through every 2-6 hours. They also made the rewards for these quest much more immediately substantial, mainly by giving large amounts of gold, toys, pets,mounts, artifact power etc.

These quests will tie into other forms of content(such as pvp or dungeons) and are very diverse in the gameplay(apparently we get to turn into a murloc and go kill other players, so that's a thing.)

RP: While roleplayers don't have anything particular aimed at them, they did get some nice new toys as a side affect. 

  • Revamped Dalaran
  • Class Order halls, especially for military guilds
  • New, easy access transmog system 
and on a much smaller note, the /sorry and /threaten emotes are now voiced! 

So that's a quick rundown on the upcoming expansion, what do you guys think? 

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