Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So sorry for the hiatus...

I now realize I can't disappear without telling anyone and get away with it but I had a good reason.

I have some major update coming so I can cover a much broader array of games( Namely way more Planetside 2 stuff going on) and i'll start having time to write full fledged articles again soon!

Friday, March 11, 2016

(LOL) So the Sol bio is out....

And you thought Nasus was god tier.

So we got Aurelian´s lore yesterday and to sum it up:

  • Theirs an alien race called Targons
  • Sol is a celestial dragon
  • Targonians tricked Sol into servitude
  • Pantheon used to a women
  • Sol made the stars in the universe
  • The void is invading 
  • Someone was dumb enough to laugh at Sol
  • He also kinda threw a star at Runeterra and killed Pantheon´s embodiment
So that pretty much sums up the now god tier being that roams the rift. Can we, just for a moment, dwell on the fact that their is a space fairing faction that has control of a celestial dragon, of which came from runeterra? This power creep is really getting insane, when you think about it.

  • 1st champ: Singed, a chemist with poison and some glue.
  • (Fast forward) Draven: An egocentric killing machine
  • (>>): Malzahar: The leader of a world dominating force of monsters
  • (>>>): Azir: Can rebuild a city just by waking up.
  • (>>>>)Jhin: A mass murderer with the strongest gun in the world.
  • (>>>>>): Illaio: Carries the GOD OF THE OCEAN with her.
  • (>>>>>>) Sol: Created ALL THE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE. 
If I have to use caps lock to describe a champion´s power, then something is wrong.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

(WOW) Class Order Halls:Demon Hunter

Continuing on our quest of order halls, we see the home of the unreleased: Demon Hunter.

Being fair this hall isn't mindblowing but it is still pretty cool.  For those who don't know, the demon hunter class hall is the same demon planet you capture as a starting zone, meaning it is fairly large.  The overall feeling is nice(although I think their target dummies should be demons like the warlocks) easy to maneuver. Their really isn't much to say about this hall, it´s just nice(In a burning hellfire kinda way).

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To Teach, or not to Teach?

Chase Keener
Algebra 2

I want you to ask yourself something, when was the last time you used algebra? If you are an adult the answer is likely the amount of time since you got out of highschool but if you are a student, then the answer probably X many hours ago. Algebra is a useful skill for people going into highly scientific or mathematical fields, however it is still being taught as tho it were an everyday life skill. About 66% of  high schoolers get enrolled in college(Source) but only a fraction of those actually use Algebra in their major. This has spurred a movement among Texas's  schools to remove the Algebra 2 class from the common core requirements, instead saving it for those who will actually use it.

This decision has caused an uproar from both side of the field. Some say that this is an amazing idea. These people claim that ¨it is a useless thing to learn if you aren't going to use it.¨ The other side claims that it is a useful skill and helps develop a teenager´s brain. So much of this haggling between the sides breaks down into shouting matches, so let's step back and look at the facts. Regardless of what either side says, algebra is not that useful of a life skill unless you're going into a field designed around it. This should be basis enough alone to make it a elective, the idea of making something that only a fraction of students will use required is ludicrous. However, if a student were to go onto a field, say Physics, the it and higher maths should be required by the school.

Students already have electives, common core and most of all, social pressure to worry about. We don't need to clutter their lives anymore with something they probably will never use.

Friday, March 4, 2016


So in case you're a little slow on the league news here's a little run through: Ao shin was(finally) announced canceled but riot said another dragon, Aurelin Sol, will take his place. We received the Targon lore update with two slots for characters missing. Shortly after that we had this teased to us with a Dragon´s eye appearing in the top right and a claw below it. We had a bit of a teaser with an ARAM announcer thing like GP´s and we finally got the official announcement yesterday....


Thursday, March 3, 2016

WoW Quote #1

Not exactly the guy you wanna take quotes from, but inspirational none the less.

Hatred. Horde. Heroism. Garrosh Hellscream.:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

(LOL)Aurelian Sol is coming, soon.

So as most of you know riot announced on the boards that the late Ao Shin has been put to the grave(R.I.P) but the champ Aurelian Sol will be coming out in the first half of this year. This along with the teaser where you can see a dragon´s eye in the top left corner and something resembling a claw, i´d guess that the ¨Golden Sun¨(Aurelian Sol) is linked with the mount Targon event. The question i´m asking is, who´s opposite?

 I mean he has to have one, there are two spots next to Diana(Praise the moon) and Leona. We haven't gotten any word on what this champ could be, so i´m excited to see what comes out of it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Story time!

So recently my friend sent out a survey about lunch in our university.

So it started with this...

Given that were friends I figured I should message him about this discrepancy so he could fix it.

(Ok maybe I was a little harsh but meh)

I got an email back very soon...

I just had to point something out.

He was not pleased.

But I continued to be a good friend and did as I was asked.