Friday, December 4, 2015

Chase A. Keener
Mrs. Suttle  
(cp)English 10
2 December 2015
Opposites apart/but the Same Together
As part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen I had the interesting idea to interview my mother since I spent the most time with her out of all my relatives and, while I knew the occasional funny story I didn’t really know much from her childhood. Her father was the loud and stern one, I knew that, but as for her mother(which I wouldn’t even be sure she had one if it wasn’t for her condition, more on that latter) I had heard only of her later years when she needed help doing even basic tasks.
As it turns out, my mother is nearly mortified about talking on camera or on stage(a rather stark contrast to her son). We had a rather lengthy discussion over whether she HAD to do it, to which the answer was yes. I had to give her one saving grace to prepare her questions ahead of time which,while I was not a fan of, felt as though I needed to just to keep her from refusing all together.
In honesty I probably learned more about her past in the conversation before the interview, simply due to awkwardness in front of a mic. but it was enlightening none the less. I learned the reason for never hearing about my grandmother was due to her more gentle nature to counter the living fury that was my grandfather. As mentioned before, there were many things I already knew about my mother’s childhood, but to hear her talking about it so fondly made me understand her in a brand new way.