Monday, October 26, 2015

Feelings on the grading style

I feel like these expectations are fair and that any reason for me falling behind is my own fault and not a fault in the system. My fault is in organization and partially self discipline, since I do have trouble keeping papers in a organized fashion.

I’ve long held feelings that the grading system we have is currently flawed. Not the 4 point scale but the basis of grading over all, I believe, is not an accurate representation of our knowledge. School, for as long as I know, has never truly measured what we know, it simply measures our ability to memorize. It would be far more appropriate to have a teacher simply determine if a student does or does not know the knowledge required for the course.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Terror of Life
A short story by Chase A. Keener

This was it, it was finally done. He had been planning this for months upon years, his work, his… master piece. Archer sat back and looked at his desk, cluttered with plans, drawings and intelligence. He would finally do it, extract revenge as he would watch the empress’s limp and bleeding body after he thrust his blade through her skinny and weak neck, Archer could see it now and he couldn’t wait to do it......

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

World of Failure

“Hey, it almost worked right?” remarked one of the watchers by.

      My friend was wrong, it did not almost work. It was so far from working. I was standing, drained and defeated at the roof of mount Hyjal where a dead dragon was suppose to lay, replaced only by the bodies of my comrades. Well, not really. In World of Warcraft I am Hammermal, supreme commander of the 400 man guild Dragon Faults! In reality I was deflated as a balloon left on a bed of nails .Real or not, I still had the aching feeling of defeat crushing every bone in my body.

     “Come on dude, don’t be so down. It’s just a game after all.” whimpered my second in command and best friend Crevince, faking a smile. We both knew he was right of course, but I knew he felt this defeat just as much as I did. Our group had a reputation of always succeeding the first time we did something, we were even legendary for it, and now that was gone in a puff smoke.

     Words could not describe the amount of affliction cast upon me at that moment. It was like a solid metal anvil falling upon my prized possessions.
“To think, those countless hundreds of hours gone to waste in a matter of minutes.” I thought to myself, dragging myself away from my computer to find a place to mope.
“At least it won’t take as long to replace each member’s gear.” It was an empty thought, that wasn’t what I cared about. Our gear would take less than a month to replace, but our reputation? That could take years.

     I knew that wasn’t what I cared about. It was the reputation, it always was, and I had just found a sledgehammer drove straight through my precious painting.

     It was likely a good week before I came out of my rut, and the only reason I did was because we finally won that fight, but I still carry that feeling of udder defeat over something I had spent what seemed like a year working towards.